On Point Energy provides a unique combination of
technical, utility and financial expertise to help clients…

On Point Energy is dedicated to delivering and implementing a wide array of energy advisory services for commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental clients to take control of energy costs. Our services are always focused on obtaining the best outcome for our clients. Our services can be comprehensive and provide the full energy procurement and management life cycle.

Or be very focused on a specific area of need. Rather than tell our clients what we want to do for them, we listen to what they need and then structure a solution to achieve those objectives. Whether it’s a one-time specific project, or an ongoing full service suite of services, we can structure an energy solution.

Eliminate Waste

Save Money

Minimize Risk


At first we must Understand.

What are we doing well? Where can we improve?
Are our risks covered? How do I know?


Pay less and wisely. 

Reduce Vendor Margins

Competitive Procurement

Utility Rate Optimization

Hedging Strategies.

Facility Optimization

Use Less.

Energy Conservation Evaluation & Deployment

Facility Data Acquisition, Benchmarking & Monitoring


Go Green.

Sustainability planning with understanding of “green” appetite
Renewable Project Evaluation & Deployment
Carbon Footprint Reporting

Strategic Planning

See the “Big Picture”

Comprehensive Planning
Budget Forecast, Management & Forensics
Investment Decision Support
Integrated Enterprise Management

On Point Energy Advantages

Core Expertise and Experience

  • Combined Technical & Economic Feasibility/Evaluation
  • Optimizing decentralized, wide-footprint energy management
  • Integrating energy, accounting, finance, tax and IT expertise
  • Complex renewable energy investment optimization
  • Real-world, proven facility experience

Our Approach & Methodology

  • Understand goals, desires, past successes, corporate structure, known deficiencies, opportunities, funding mechanisms, energy data/analysis, past and current energy initiatives, etc.
  • Mutually define areas of opportunity.
  • Prioritize opportunities based on goals and/or ROI.
  • Decide what will be self-performed and where/how On Point Energy can assist.
  • Select delivery approach and execute.

You control the scope and budget

  • A customized approach will be collectively developed while considering corporate culture, structure, goals, division of responsibility, budget, etc.

We have no conflicts of interest

  • On Point Energy does not take any consideration or compensation from any equipment vendor or any energy commodity broker, marketer or sales organization and does not receive a fee based on a percentage of capital expenditures.

Comprehensive solutions

  • On Point Energy’s unique combination of technical, financial and utility expertise provides single-source, proven solutions you can rely upon.

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